Friday, August 31, 2012

The Schizophrenic Cheerleader: Viola Proctor

This is the second ever promo for our incredible, upcoming story: Shepherd. We, once again, have several different options for you to vote on. All of the art is done by the brilliant Kelly Williams. The only major difference is the text, as we tried several different fonts. This is another opportunity for you, the fan, the let us know your opinion on our direction. 






  1. The "SHEPHERD" logo doesn't stand out enough. Let it go across the top of the cover, make it bigger. I'd suggest outlining the font and giving it a drop-shadow.

    Don't have any of the type actually cover any of the girl's body. The effect pushes her back and you have plenty of dead space on the artwork.

    Don't use so many type fonts. Keep it clean. Also suggest cropping in on the girl a little more as she is getting lost a little there.

  2. Those are all very valid suggestions.

  3. This was our old promo. Have you seen the new one?