Monday, October 13, 2014

Post NYCC: Civil War returns, but calm down Fanboys.

Today, the internet was smacked in the face with Marvel's newest promo. It looks like Civil War is making a comeback in 2015. Of course, Fanboys threw their hands up in the air and rolled their eyes, but do not fear. We at the Nerdi have some theories that might be more mind-bending than Hickman's current run of the Avengers' line. 

1. Secret Wars will be a war between multiple earths and the Civil War issue will be one-shot. Also, I'm thinking that Secret Wars/Civil War story line is beginning to look a lot like DC's Multiversity. Anyways, I think I'm more excited about the next theory. 

2. I want you to take a few notes. Ready, set, GOOO. 
  • Today, Marvel announced Civil War twice in one day. Plus one extra announcement that might break the internet. First, it was this promo. Second, RDJ has been announced for Captain America.  The third and the biggest announcement is that Captain America 3 will introduce Civil War story line to Marvel's cinematic universe.
  • Now, let's take a look at the third figure in the promo: Spider-Man! For the past few weeks there has been talks about SONY negotiating usage of Spider-Man. Could the promo in fact state that Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man will be together for the first time ever for Captain America 3? BOOMMMMM. In three seconds, the internet will combust due this awesomeness. Goodbye.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Spoiler Free Look at Tomorrowland (With Potential Spoilers)

     New York Comic Con is blowing up. And that happens to be the best news from NYCC 2014. While New York Comic Con in the past has been just that (a COMIC convention) with The Walking Dead TV show sprinkled in on Sunday night, the Con is now expanding to become more like it's most frequent comparison: San Diego Comic Con. Don't believe me? Look at the very first panel from 2014: Disney Presents Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland, complete with HUGE guests and revelations.

       Moderated by the incomparable Chris Hardwick and headed by two of my all-time favorite artists, Damon Lindelof (Star Trek Into Darkness, Lost, The Leftovers) and Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), this panel did exactly what it was supposed to. The overall spirit of the panel was basically "give nothing away" (writer Damon Lindelof has pretty much made a career of this; I'm looking at you Lost and The Leftovers) and I couldn't be happier with that mentality. I've championed giving less away in trailers and promotional material before in my post Are There No Secrets in Movies Anymore? But this panel showed just the right amount. Lindelof and Bird ceded to reveal the teaser trailer which has now been released HERE. At the risk of being shot and killed by Lindelof's secret-keeping-thugs, let me tell you, this movie looks fantastic.

The panel brought out stars Britt Robertson (Under the Dome), Raffey Cassidy (Snow White and the Huntsman, Dark Shadows) and Hugh Laurie (never heard of him). But midway through, the big surprise of the day and perhaps (yet to be seen) the entire convention came in the form of Batman from the seminal classic Batman and Robin. Oh, you didn't like that movie? Well, apparently neither did George Clooney, who spent his first five minutes bashing and apologizing for his participation in Joel Schumacher's 1997...errr, "film?" Clooney eventually goads (as per the panel script, I'm sure) the creative pair into showing one more clip from Tomorrowland which, Clooney admits, is heavy on Clooney. In the clip, after a brief introduction to Clooney's character, Frank Walker, what follows is one of the most unique, intense and magnificent action sequences I've seen in film. While I've been a proponent for leaving information out, I am ecstatic having seen this footage. Without giving too much away, it involves a host of inventions of the curmudgeonly Frank Walker, a look at the punky protagonist Casey, androids hell-bent on capturing Casey at any cost and simply gorgeous film-making.

        In short, be excited for this movie. It promises to be big. In fact, when asked what word they would use to describe Tomorrowland, both Hugh Laurie and George Clooney independently said "big."  It promises to feature fantastic action, huge, philosophical ideas (a la Lost and The Leftovers), the charming influence of George Clooney and the potentially diabolical presence of Briton (and doesn't that accent just lend itself to villainy?) Hugh Laurie.