Friday, February 7, 2014

Are There No Secrets in Movies Anymore?

Are there no secrets in movies anymore?

       Paul Bettany being cast as Vision is great news, sure. He’s perfect. It’ll be a cool transition to see him going from JARVIS to Vision. But why tell us about it?? Wouldn’t this have been an awesome reveal in The Avengers: Age of Ultron? It’s not even like people would be wondering why Paul Bettany was in the movie or on set. He’s already been in the movies!! So why tell us about it? Is it getting people psyched for the movie? No, not really. The sequel to the Avengers is already guaranteed to gross over a billion dollars, and do you think anyone who wasn’t going to see it will now because Paul Bettany is Vision? No. 

       This is true for all casting rumors/announcements. The internet has ruined movies. Fanboys are constantly speculating and demanding answers to casting rumors and decisions that the studios then has to acknowledge them and come right out and say “Yup, Vin Diesel is Groot" or "Benicio del Toro will be the Collector" instead of letting us wonder: who could he be? Will he be Thanos??
Why is that David Bowie, by the way?
       Speaking of del Toro as the Collector, it seems like the only “surprises” in any of these movies are from the post-credit scenes. And even that doesn’t ring true anymore. I can’t go on any comic book site without seeing “Post-credit scene for (insert nerdy movie here) revealed??” Where’s your sense of wonder people! Don’t you want to go into a movie and be shocked, surprised, awed, and wowed again?

       This rings doubly true for trailers. These five minute long trailers that show us every act of the film (including the climax or major hints at the big reveal) are completely out of control. And what’s with showing us the first five minutes of a movie for certain trailers. YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR IT?

       Just give me a trailer that tells me the director, the type of movie it is and one or two things blowing up. I hate seeing fourth, fifth and sixth trailers. I like the teaser trailers. Because isn’t that what a trailer is supposed to be?? Tease us with a glimpse, a glimpse of what’s to come in the movie. That’s why I liked the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, while a lot of people hated it. A trailer is supposed to make you go “Oh, I’m intrigued” not “Oh, I know LITERALLY EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS MOVIE NOW”.

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  1. I think that all the leaks/reveals...kinda hold back the surprise you get when you watch a movie for the first time. When you finally find out that fat, jewish dude in tropic thunder is actually Tom Cruise...the SURPRISE in a situation like that is what holds the impact.