Wednesday, February 12, 2014

T.I.N. Soldier Reviews for Community and Arrow

Community: Pierce's Last Will & Testament

This episode opens with the study group coming back from Pierce’s cult ceremony/ funeral. I thought this was a really great and touching episode with a pretty sweet guest star. In what is basically a bottle episode, the group spends it in the library getting questioned, and getting bequeathed upon from the late member of the group. The whole time they are wired to lie detectors that are run by a scientist who is also a pretty shitty person.

The episode ties up Pierce's time in the series without the character even being there, but he still manages to cause chaos within the group, and gets them to reveal awkwardly truthful things about themselves.  In the end, this only brought them closer together. The character, "Pierce" Hawthorne, gives his final goodbyes to each member of the group, and also gives them some obligatory sperm.

Except for Troy, he still gets sperm, but he also gets the opportunity to sail around the world, and inherit Pierce's fortune. As we already know, this is the beginning of the end for Troy. This episode also touched on a sort of unseen subplot that happened in seasons past where Troy lived with Pierce for a while. Even from the beginning, these two had a pretty nice relationship. Pierce was kind of Troy’s mentors so it made sense. Still I can't believe next episode will be Troy’s last, but more importantly what the hell is Abed going do now that his sidekick is gone? It should be interesting.              

As usual this cast shows that they're able to carry an episode that relay’s entirely on their performances. The episode is a real character piece and every actor on this show is at the top of their game. It is kind of sad now that Pierce is off the show for good, but this one was a great send off to the character. I'm giving this one an 8 out of 10. This episode also had a great tag, apparently Pierce died from masturbating to death. I’m going to miss Pierce, but at least he became a Level 5 Laser Lotus, and died rich.

By: Isaiah Mueller

Arrow Episode 12-Heir to The Demon

Since the start of season two, Arrow has consistently featured an engaging story, and surprising plot twists. This trend continues with the newest episode "Heir to The Demon." Even though it is not quite as successful as the last few episodes, it still is an engaging, and enthralling view. I fully expected this week’s episode to continue the overarching plot involving Brother Blood and Slade Wilson, not to mention last week’s move by Oliver to reveal his identity to Roy. However, it went in a completely different direction, introducing Ra’s al Ghul's daughter Nyssa into the fray. I was a bit surprised/disappointed that al Ghul’s daughter in the show was not in fact Talia, but Nyssa. However, she soon made me forget all about Talia. Throughout the course of the episode, she quickly cemented herself as a formidable Arrow villain by not being a full on villain. She had some redeeming values and showed a human side, unpredictability, if you will. Her romantic relationship with Sarah was unexpected, but also very natural and not shoehorned in. Kudos to The C.W. for that.

The overall plot of this episode is that Nyssa al Ghul's coming to get Sarah and bring her back to The League of Assassins. But with help from Oliver, and her dad, she decides to stay and fight. After an emotional fight, Nyssa eventually releases her from the League and leaves her alone and free. The episode ends with Sarah revealing that she is alive to her family and suffice it to say that Laurel doesn't respond to the news positively. Sarah's return and Laurel's reaction to it will certainly make for an interesting dynamic in the coming episodes. The episode ends with Oliver and Sarah making out in a scene that had me screaming at my tv (I really want Laurel and Oliver to be together).

The flashbacks that are synonymous with Arrow are present in this episode, but like this episode are far different than anything from season two. It flashes back to the Lance home, the day before the fateful shipwreck. It introduces Sarah and Laurel's relationship and explores The Lance's, especially Laurel and Quentin's reaction to Sarah's presumed death. It was certainly one of the high point of the episodes, littered with raw emotion and background on these characters that we've seen grow and struggle for over 30 episodes. The weakest part of the episode was the moments that involved Moira's bid for mayor ship. It seemed rushed and really took away from the main story line. That being said it still had an amazing moment to it in which Oliver learns that his mom had an affair with Malcolm Merlin, and that Thea was the result of the affair. This leaves Oliver and Moira's relationship all, but destroyed. I'll admit I was disappointed by Moira's actions, after all that she'd been through I had really thought that she'd changed. But if there's one thing I've learned about this show, it's that things are never as they seem. Also there was a weird scene that involved Oliver with his shirt off, hitting a tire with a hammer. But come to think of it there haven’t been that many topless, pointless workout scenes lately, so I'll give C.W. the pass this time. All in all "Heir to The Demon" is a welcome change of pace that explores different dynamics of the Arrow world, while still maintaining the characteristics that make the show great.


+Welcome Change of Pace
+Nyssa's serves as a formidable and multi-faceted villain
+Great insight into The Lance family life via flashback
+A bunch of  new status quo's created
-Moira's candidacy feels shoehorned in
-Weird training scene

By: Alex Handziuk

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