Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Polarizing Man of Steel Theory Leads to Nerd Uproar!

When our buddy, TJ Kiss, approached us with http://theillumi-nerdi.blogspot.com/2014/02/man-of-steel-forgotten-victims-of.html, we laughed in his face. Then he showed us the video and our view of the movie changed entirely. It should only be appropriate that the most polarizing character choice in recent film history would continue to churn out new controversy almost 7 months later. When we posted this article, we only hoped that a few people would nod their heads and think "huh, wow. Did Supes just decapitate an innocent family?" This certainly would lend credence to Superman's adoption of his Absolutely-No-Killing rule, because look at the collateral damage he caused last time he killed. What we didn't see coming is the mass outcry from comic book fans and comic book sites. It seems that the comic book community is highly vocal and opinionated. Who knew! His seemingly madcap theory is now being discussed by some of the most prestigious comic book websites and is only gaining steam. We've compiled a list of some of the sites discussing it.

Reddit has gone crazy with the theory, contribute here!

Moviepilot.com's Sarah Gibson talks about it here!

The always wonderful and intuitive Comicbook.com has an article about the controversy here!

And of course, any good theory must have it's detractors, so check out Jon Negroni's rebbuttle here!

In the end, our theory was wrong, but it was definitely interesting.

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