Thursday, November 29, 2012

The New and Improved Viola Proctor

Once again, we have a gorgeous promo for Shepherd featuring the brilliant art and lettering of the one and only Kelly Williams. Check his stuff out because it's absolutely phenomenal. We plan on doing this for about 8-12 of our main/supporting characters, so there will be a lot more coming. Let us know what you think!

Viola Proctor (Likeness of Emmy Rossum)

Age: 16

Height: 5’4

Weight: 105 pounds 
Powers: Wiccan. She learns her craft from the book, The Necronomicon, that she finds in her attic. This book has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

Weaknesses: Overuse of the book. The inherit darkness of her power. The familial trait of schizophrenia drives her mad (particularly in the flashforward), as it did to her grandmother.

Personality: She seems to have the bitchy won’t-give-you-the-time-of-day cheerleader attitude. But deep down (deep, deep down) she has a heart of gold. Half the girls want to be her and the other half wish she would break her neck. As the witch, she has a much harder skin and is sometimes prone to overuse the book (as she has overused her power as the most popular girl in school). When she is in her Wiccan state, her voice is demonic.

Secret: Her schizophrenia occasionally causes an inability to differentiate between reality and her hallucinations.

Favorite T.V. Shows: Dancing with the Stars, Vampire Diaries, 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, Pretty Little Liars.

Favorite Music: Ke$ha, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj

Relationships: Boyfriend: Matt Dunham. In our story, Viola is a junior in high school and Matt is a senior. Like most love stories in high school, Viola is popular and the head cheerleader and Matt is the captain of the Football team. Unbeknownst to Viola, Matt has abilities (don’t worry, you will learn more about him soon). As Matt gains his abilities, he doesn’t make his relationship with Viola his number one priority. This causes Viola to be much more insecure about herself, which leads her to desperation and very open to accepting her Wiccan abilities.

As most of the Extras are outcasts before they gain their powers, Viola is something of an outcast when she joins the group. Since she is so popular, this group is very new to her. Most of the rest of the group are dealing with similar levels of unpopularity before they all discover this surrogate family.

Yes, she might be the bitchy cheerleader but there is so much more to her than just the pom-poms. She is an only child, she has no idea who her father is and her mom works at two jobs: a waitress and a Stop and Shop cashier.

Future: While attending College, Viola becomes pregnant (with one of our male character’s children) and decides to drop out of school. During the pregnancy and after the birth of her child, she stops taking her medication and succumbs to the book even more and her mind slowly deteriorates. At one point, she stops using the Necronomican believing the voices are coming from the book. Mary Carter (another Extra/Psychiatrist in the flashforward) and her fiance (a not yet introduced Extra) intervene, commit her to an asylum and adopt Viola’s son.

This is all subject to change. Mostly from our input and how the story changes, but also (as this is kind of our mission statement now) from the fan's opinion. So, what do you hate about Viola? What do you like? Do you need reasons/explanations for any of her characteristics? Leave us a comment or email us at

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