Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Too many Trailers: For the first time since the 80s, the entire world is pumped for Superman. Man of Steel is everything we want. It has no Lex Luthor, Superman is cool again, and we finally get to watch Superman punch someone and something. For years, that is everything we have asked for and we've finally been rewarded with it. However, WB needs to stop throwing it in our faces. So far, we've watched 10 trailers (including tv spots) and one featurette. I get it, Man of Steel is going to be bad ass. Haven't we seen a little too much? In one of the trailers, we are shown a quick glimpse of Superman conversing with Jor-el. I saw that and I'm thinking, "#@%@#%@, please just surprise me." Prior to these trailers, I was complaining that we've seen zero trailers since the movie was two months away. In the end, I was half wrong. The world is pumped for Man of Steel, but I think 10 trailers is excessive and possibly showing too much of the film.

I actually haven't seen a trailer yet where Supes punches someone, so I don't know if I agree with that part of it. Then again, I stop watching trailers after the second one I see because I hate having shit ruined for me. Have you seen the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers that are premiering now? I don't know if it's just because it came out several weeks ago now, but they give soooooo much away. It's so clear that "John Harrison" is.... spoiler alert?, that guy we all thought he might be. Maybe this is just my opinion since I've already seen the movie and can now say "oh god, that gives everything away!" 

Saying Goodbye: If you have not heard already, Matt Smith, the 12th Doctor is leaving Doctor Who. In my opinion, he's really good, but he's no David Tennant. I'm actually surprised that he is leaving because I read two weeks ago that he said he was staying. Anyways, the role is open and I suggest Richard Madden (Robb Stark, Game of Thrones). Actually.....hmmm. Now that I think about it, he's a brooder and Doctor Who is too witty to be a brooder.

I'm okay with this. I love David Tennant as Dr. Who and wasn't quite as into Matt Smith. Don't get me wrong, he's really effin' good, but ya can't top Tennant. My suggestion would be Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley from Harry Potter, and the seriously awesome Black Mirror), who's just unappreciated enough and has the acting ability to do it.  This casting would be doubly good because the Doctor can finally be a ginger, as he's so often wished. 

R.I.P: What is the #1 comic book rule? No body, no death. This week, that was not the case. In Justice League of America #4, Catwoman got a bullet to the face. Now, fanboys can no longer say that Geoff Johns has never killed a main character. Even though Catwoman is laying in a puddle of her own blood, I see one MAJOR problem. For the past few years, all the major news outlets have reported major comic book deaths. The list includes Captain America, Peter Parker (twice), Johnny Storm, and Robin #5. However, DC did not jump on this breaking news opportunity and no one really reported it. That makes me wonder if there is a reason behind that. Now, people are coming out of the woodwork with their theories. One theory is that someone stole Selina Kyle's identity which means there were two versions of Catwoman that Batman was screwing. He needs to get tested ASAP.

Is that an STD joke? I'm surprised how little people made of this. How many times have we known well in advance these huge deaths and such? Peter Parker, Damien Wayne, hell, people voted on the Jason Todd death, Bane breaking Bat's back was on the damn cover of the issue. How did this not get out? I guess something is probably up with this too. Selina Kyle dying would be a pretty big deal, no? 

Red Wedding: Holy Shit. Definitely the most exciting episode since Ned Stark was decapitated. Unlike Brian, I don't watch it every week. I enjoy the show much more when I watch the the episodes in bunches. Lucky for me, yesterday was that day. After Sunday's episode, so many thoughts and emotions are running through me. What the hell will happen next? Who the hell should I root for when the good guys are all dead???? Others might be rioting, but I am ok with Robb Stark's death. With Robb's death, I'm expecting to see more Jon Snow and more Dragons. Oh yeah, one more thing. I know The Hound is a piece of shit, but in the end, he knows how to be a hero. I wouldn't be surprised if The Hound, Arya, Gendry, and Tryion form some kind of union and defeat both the Lannisters and White Walkers.

Okay, I might rant just a little bit here. Warning, I don't read the books, so this was a complete shocker to me. I am very serious about not having things spoiled for me with this show and I almost feel that reading the books would do that. I know that is completely backwards but I got into the show first and it's just so goddamn good I want to see how the show does it more than I want to see how Martin did it. First and foremost, Walder Frey: total douchebag, let's get that out of the way. Roose Bolton, even douchebaggier, since he was the Stark's bannerman and trusted confidant. I'm just a bit concerned here because this eliminates any threat the Lannisters have at all. Let's run through the houses real quick: Baratheon: Stannis is "licking his wounds" back at Dragonstone, anyone else of consequence is pretty much gone (as Joffrey is not really a Baratehon, and I guess the same could be said for Gendry). Greyjoy: they don't give a shit about what happens in the south and their prodigal son has just has his penis lopped off (probably). Tully: Catelyn, dead, Lysa, raising a moron that should have stopped breast feeding 10 years ago, Edmure, got a hot wife, probably doesn't care much what happened to the rest of his house, Blackfish, probably still kicking ass and taking names. Targaryen: 100% of their house is still across the Narrow Sea and, despite Dany's badassery, still a long way from posing a threat. Tyrell: we're not quite sure where their allegiances lie, but I think Lady Olenna has something in store. And of course, House Stark: Robb, dead. Catelyn, dead (once again). Arya has probably seen enough and is going to take the Hound's advice and abandon any honor that makes House Stark what it is. Jon Snow, abandoned his woman (though that'll probably be remedied) and has finally decided to take Jeor Mormont's sword out and do some damage with it. Bran may be a warg unlike any the Seven Kingdoms has ever seen before, but I think he's a long way away from doing any real damage. Rickon... well, at least he got to speak in this episode. And Sansa is about as useful as Rickon. So, the Lannisters are sitting pretty right now. And I think the only threat the Lannisters face (besides Lady Olenna who is wayy too smart for her own good) are in fact, the Lannisters themselves. Cersei certainly ain't marrying Loras, Tyrion has obviously had his problems with his father and siblings (but I think it's about time he actually DID something about it) and Jaime will probably receive no respect or sympathy from Lucius Malf- sorry, Tywin Lannister, and may have had enough. I really need Jorah (please don't kill Jorah, kay?), Davos, and/or Gendry to come up big and be the characters I can root for. Okay, sorry, that's all I have to say. Promise. 

Green Lantern meets Blade Runner 2: This week it was announced that Michael Green, one of the screenwriters for Green Lantern, was signed to help rewrite the script for Blade Runner 2. I think some people are asking the question: WHY. For those who don't know Green, he did a stint on the NBC's quickly canceled Kings and did a pretty good job on DC's New 52 Supergirl. Now, lets get back to Green Lantern. Honestly, there was nothing good about that movie. The pacing was awful, way too many subplots and Hector Hammond was useless. To make you feel better, I believe I have solved the problem with my suggestion on who should be hired. I know some fans were disappointed with Prometheus, but I suggest Damon Lindelof. You can't deny that he fits the perfect bill of a writer for Blade Runner 2.

Phil, you share my thoughts exactly here.Yeah, I think the Prometheus thing might have hurt his chances at Blade Runner 2. I loved Prometheus by the way, but that's probably because it was perfect for me; Lost-ian. And by that I mean it asked too many questions and didn't answer enough of them (god, I miss Lost). But I'm gonna hope that the problems with Green Lantern weren't Michael Green's fault (I mean, there were four screenwriters) and hope he does a better job with the much more important property (showing my sci-fi/non-comic nerd side of me) of Blade Runner 2. 

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