Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our First Ever Video Review: Man of Steel

For weeks, we were either lazy or busy and did not have time to do a review for Man of Steel. Today, Brian and I have reunited and told the world our thoughts on Man of Steel. It is without a doubt the most polarizing film this year. Brian and I don't throw punches at each other during this debate but we definitely do not agree on most topics.

Several topics that we discuss:

Should Man of Steel be considered a dark film?

What plot holes upset us and which easter eggs did we like?

Was Man of Steel an origin story?

What would it take for Superman to kill again?

Didn't Superman kill General Zod in Superman 2?

Did Superman commit genocide?

What happened to mild mannered Clark Kent?

How many Smallville references were in Man of Steel?

Minor edits in retrospect of our video review:

City Damage: In Man of Steel, $2 trillion for Smallville/Metropolis. In Avengers, $160 billion for New York City.

Easter Egg: Blaze Comics published a Booster Gold comic within the DCU.

If you want to watch it straight from Youtube, click here

Let us know thoughts, comments, opinions and condemnations!

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