Monday, August 5, 2013

Professor Xavier's Back, Alright.


Did you see The Wolverine? If the answer is yes then look down.

At the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor Xavier returned from the grave but not in the way you think. Instead of literally rising from the grave, Xavier teleports his mind into the body of a vegetable. I guess that shouldn't surprise us, right? Xavier is an omega-level mutant. For those who don't know, Xavier's ability is "most powerful genetic potential of their mutant abilities" aka if being a mutant was a professional sport, Xavier is on the level of Tiger Woods and LeBron James.

Why does all of this matter? Did you see after-credit scene in The Wolverine? While Wolverine is taking a stroll in an airport, he runs into two characters that movie goers have not seen since X-Men: The Last Stand. Of course, we were not surprised to see Magneto since the last film teased us with the idea that his powers returned. However, the biggest surprise and the scene that saved The Wolverine was the return of Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier. Xavier's body was back and he's still paralyzed.

Xavier's abilities:

Genius-level intellect
Mind reading and control
Memory alteration & erasure
Mental bolts
Psionic blasts
Induced paralysis
Illusion casting
Great tactician and strategist
Astral projection
Eidetic memory

1. Lets rewind for a second. Xavier teleported his mind into another body which makes sense since it relates to Xavier's abilities. However, Xavier's body is back but I believe his original body was destroyed by the Dark Phoenix. All of this new info means that Xavier has the ability to change genes and refurnish a body. Oh. So, Xavier has a semi-shape shifting ability? Alright, that sounds like a brand new ability which I don't believe has been done before by Xavier. Wait, I'm not done. If you're a comic book reader, I am about to blow your mind.

2. A few months ago, Xavier was violently murdered by his greatest student, Scott Summers. (For the record, it wasn't really Scott's fault. His mind and body were taken over by the Phoenix and he lost control. That sounds like reasonable doubt and he could beat the rap.) As we all know, no body no death but that is not the case here because we saw Xavier's dead corpse.

R.I.P Professor Xavier
3. I'm going to be honest, I don't know how many times Xavier has died or disappeared in comics but I know of three times. He left his school after it turned out that he was 1/2 of Onslaught. He faked his death after House of M and we can add his most recent murder to the list.  In the past, comic deaths used to mean something and we barely ever saw any resurrections. Now, a character stays dead for a year maybe two at the most. With Fox making major changes to Xavier's abilities, I would not be surprised if Xavier returned in 2014. I expect it around the time DOFP hits theaters and I would not be surprised if he refurnished a new body.

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