Friday, September 13, 2013

4 Designs Enter and Only 1 Goes to NYCC

New York Comic Con is 27 days away. The first year we attended, we had this grand dream that someone would notice us, dig our book, and we would get signed. The second year, we printed out 19 copies of the Shepherd #1 script and one small company wanted to see our preview. However, they wanted to see the first 8 drawn pages, and we had zero. We did, however, get to meet Grant Morrison, Jeff Lemire, and we saw Guillermo del Toro in the distance. 2013 is our third year in a row attending NYCC and we are ready to make a splash. Sadly, we do not have Shepherd #1 or 617 #1  (our second creator owned book) but we do have something at least as cool for those that are not attending NYCC for the comic books. After months of dialogue, the Illumi-Nerdi is ready to hand out t-shirts at NYCC.  To the right of this post, you will find the absolute most important question of the year: Which design should be Nerdi-fied? 4 designs enter, only 1 leaves the blog, and heads to NYCC. Which one will you pick? 

 1. The Blade Runner Design

2. The Alien Encounter Design

3. The Ashyhouse Design 

4. The Funkhouse Design