Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Walking Dead-Season 4, Episode 7: Mr. Blake's Neighborhood

Awww man, as a fan of the comics this episode was a bit stressful. It played out like a game of chess. In this episode the Governor truly returns. As hard as Brian Hariot tried he just couldn't keep Philip Blake & his Governor persona at bay for long. After being saved by Martinez Philip, the Governor and his lady squad get ushered into his former left hand man's group. Although I appreciate that this episode didn't drag it's feet (screw it, pun intended) I did think the plot was a bit too convenient at times, but we'll get to that in a bit.

 Unlike some people I did enjoy the fact that we were getting a second installment to the Governor saga. Not just because it added a bit more dimension to his character and the people who are unknowingly caught up in his war path. It also broadens this world, giving it a bit more of a sweeping epic sorta feel. So the Gov and his group get used to their new life in the camp & Tara has even found herself a girlfriend (man interracial couples & gay couples TWD literally gives zero fucks and I love it), so things seem to be going good for the family. With the Governor around things inevitably go south!

This is where I found things to be a bit convenient. I thought it was kinda weird that Martinez embraced the guy, after everything he saw him do, slaughter innocent people, and fall off the deep end. I thought it was a bit out of character that he would not only completely let his guard down around him but also offer him to be in charge of another group of people, because the last time just went so well. But never the less he gets too comfortable around the guy and pays dearly for it. After passively mentioning they should share the leadership responsibilities, Phil goes all Tiger Woods on the him and uses my boy Martinez's head as a golf ball! This honestly surprised me, if anything I expected the Gov to silently plot a take over or figure out a way to slowly manipulate the guy, but nope! He clubs him, then feeds him to the walkers. Just as a small nitpick, I would have liked to see Martinez's death be a bit more graphic. He was a memorable character and he deserved a more gruesome death. C'mon Walking Dead, I wanna see more guts being used as tooth floss here!

So Martinez is out of the picture, it was a bit convenient but it made for good TV, and was a welcome sign that we weren't going to have to see them try and turn the Governor good. But what started as a single murder became a strategic coups d'etat. Pieces were moved through the course of this episode and as the stage was being set for a coming war, bad omens were peppered throughout. As for fans of the comics,we now know for sure the sh%t is hurtling towards the fan. No more wondering if the writers were going to go down the comic book route or if they were going to meander down some water'd down path. Thankfully it seems we're headed for comic book territory!

 Through this episode the Gov has been taking out the key leaders of the new group and in record time too! I mean you gotta hand it to the guy, hes totally mental but when it comes to becoming a charismatic leader for a group of survivors the guys like a fish in water! So it doesn't take long for him to K.O. Peter and then manipulate his brother into becoming his second in command putting himself at the top of the pyramid. And this is the other problem I had with this episode. The fact that the guy was so passive about this stranger coming in murdering his brother in cold blood and then taking control of the group was a bit far fetched to me. Yes, he did have a gun on him but still that's your brother I'd expected a bit more anger and distrust rather than immediately becoming a loyal servant to the guy.
But like I said, this episode doesn't drag it's feet, it moves things into place, and is preparing us for what's to come. And if you keep up with the comic then you know that next episode is going to be the episode we were expecting at the end of season 3. For some people, including me there is a lot riding on next episode. It has to deliver. Gimple, you've proven yourself a worthy show runner so far, now it's time to nut up or shut up! All I can say for people who haven't read the comic is buckle up because if they pull this mid-season finale off like they should, it's gonna be epic. Personally, I would like to see not only something similar to the comics in terms of character development and major story arcs coming to a crescendo, but I also want to see that giant horde of walkers Daryl and his group ran into a few episodes ago come back into play. I don't think they showed all those zombies for no reason. I think with a horde that size wandering around not too far from the prison and gunfire going off, it could be the perfect storm for the prisoners AND the Governor's group. Things have been set in motion rather nicely and this could be the episode we fans have all have been waiting for since the pilot episode!
I don't mean to hype it so much but things are getting really interesting and there some big events this story is heading towards. So overall I dug this episode and the two-part Governor story as a whole. This episode I thought was a big step up from the last one and it brings this villain full circle. So I'm going to give this episode an 8 out of 10. The drums of war are beating and by the end of the mid-season finale, I don't know if these characters will be the same. We gave this show a pass when they fumbled the ball at the end of the last season. So writers I ask you, do you have the guts to do what must be done for the good of the story as a whole, and push these characters further into the next chapter of the zombie saga? We're all eager to find out, don't choke.

Written By Isaiah Mueller

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