Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Final Farewell to 2013: Last Tango in Albuquerque

2013 was an awesome year full of awesomeness which included the Breaking Bad series finale! Was it really a surprise to anyone that this made our best of list? Of course not. The finale was spectacular. It featured Nazi killing machine guns, ricin, and best of all, closure. After all of the foes Walter White had faced over the course of the series, in my opinion the Nazis were the best. Now I know you're thinking Gus was the best villain. He was definitely the most clever, interesting adversary to Mr. White, but from an over all story telling perspective, I think the Nazis were the best. Jack and his clan of off putting thugs were great for the end, because they represented Walt's karma. They were the manifestation of all the terrible things he had done. It was the perfect example of what goes around comes around, and Walt had it coming for sure.

Jack killed Hank and Gomie in front of him, stole his money, and imprisoned Jesse. Even though Pinkman deserved to get away and start over, he also deserved most of what he got, excluding seeing the murder of his ex-girlfriend. No one deserves to see that. What was also great about the final episode entitled "Felina," was that it brought back Elliot and Gretchen. I was really hoping they would be included in the finale. It brought the series full circle and tied up a major, although subtle, subplot. The Gray Matter company was a huge factor in the story. It was part of what drove Walt to the dark side, and to Gilligan's credit, it was so subtle you could have easily over looked it. In the earlier episode, "Buyout," Walt told Jesse the story of how he let his children's birthright slip through his fingers. You could tell that in the back of Walt's mind, this was really clawing at him. I really loved how Vince and the writing staff tied that back into the plot in the end.

The finale wrapped things up poetically, and it even gave the audience the much needed confession from Walt that he was, in fact, in the empire business for himself. He started out as a weak, angry man who let his ego take him down a very dark path. This path resulted in the death of many and the transformation into a version of himself, which was a cross between Jesse James and Scarface. After 6 years of fantastic, air tight story telling, this show earned its place in the hall of fame. Breaking Bad is definitely one of the best television series ever produced, and as Esteban Reyes from Showtime's "Weeds" put it, "That is not my opinion. It is generally agreed upon by men of substance." Farewell Breaking Bad and 2013. You were both one hell of a ride.

Written by Isaiah Mueller 

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