Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Arrow Season 2 Finale: Five Things We Expect

1.    Everyone will band together to fight Slade and his army of Deathstrokes.                                        
The situation seemed pretty hopeless going into the second to last episode. Everyone was separated and the miracuru'd Deathstrokes were going around killing people. The various Arrow protagonists( and one antagonist) were all apart trying to deal with the problem and not doing that great of a job . However by the end of the second last episode of the season hope is given. Look for Sarah, Malcolm, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Thea, Detective Lance, and Laurel to rise up and stop Slade's plan together.

2. Slade will die.
I'm hesitant to expect this, but my gut feel is that he will die. I think that they will use the fact that he is hopped up on miracuru as a reason to kill him and not feel bad for it.(Plus he kinda killed Oliver's mom)  However since Tommy's death in last year's finale, Oliver has really taken to this stance of no killing (with a few minor exceptions). I feel that if he doesn't kill Slade, then he truly has evolved and put his murderous tendencies behind him, as well as really honor his fallen friend. So my expectation is that he's going to die, but my hope is that he won't. 

3.  Barry Allen will wake up.

Barry's introduction midway through the season was easily one of its strongest points. He was quirky, kind, and just an all around great character. Then he went into a coma and has been out of sight in the series, but not out of mind. He has been consistently referred to, especially by Felicity, and I think that they have kept him in the minds of the viewers for a reason. I can't see them ending the season with him still in a coma, seeing as The Flash series launches in September, and having the main character in a coma seems like an odd way to start the show. Look for Barry to wake up at some point in the episode and my guy feel is that it will be in the last clip of the episode.

4.  Oliver will Reveal his identity to Thea

All the lies, all the deception all the cover up will finally be undone. Oliver is going to tell Thea that he is indeed The Arrow. I mean I can't see him not doing it. Thea's mom is dead and she knows that Malcolm Merlin's her father. Her life has become unraveled in the last few episodes. It's time for the truth to finally take over and her to learn why her brother acts the way he does. It's time for a fresh start although it doesn't necessarily have to happen outside of Starling and by Oliver telling Thea she can stay and re-imagine her life in the city, and no longer have to worry.

 5. It's gonna be a pulse pounding, nerve wracking episode

Since the end of season one and the beginning of season two Arrow has seemingly been exciting and shocking week in week out. It seems like every episode there is a crazy cliffhanger and there is always a plot point introduced at the end. Look for the finale to follow suit with this trend. There are so many plot points that are currently hanging and most if not all should be tied up by the end of the finale. The payoff is finally here and it  airs this Wednesday at 8 P.M Eastern on The CW. Don't miss it, cause it's  going to be awesome!

Written by: Alexander Handziuk

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