Monday, March 16, 2015

The Walking Dead S5E14 - Trimming the Fat

I liked this episode. We trimmed the fat a little bit, and we also got to see a few characters show their true colors. It's tough to ask for much more than that as we close in on our season finale…

 Noah is eaten during a supply run. Truth be told, the Noah character had already run its course. He was basically there to be an ally for Beth. But once she died, his days were numbered. I'll credit the show for making his death mean something, though. Having Glenn watch him being eaten alive reminded us of what the stakes are when our heroes are out among the zombies. Steven Yeun's reaction was also very well done.

Deanna's son Spencer is eaten after foolishly shooting at a walker in soldier gear. This was also inevitable, of course. Though I expected it to happen another episode or two down the line. Spencer's death obviously opens a huge door for Deanna to mistrust Rick and his group. Speaking of which…

Father Gabriel tells Deanna she can't trust Rick and the group. As if there wasn't enough to dislike about this guy already. Rick and his people have saved Gabriel's live how many times? And yet he's basically throwing them under the bus because he thinks he's found a better deal. He conveniently failed to mention all those people he let get eaten as they were trying to find sanctuary in his church, of course. I hope this guy gets eaten before this season is over.

Eugene touts pointing the group to DC, saves Tara's life. This was a good episode for Eugene. Clearly he's trying to prove he's still a worthwhile addition to the group. Saving Tara's life will no doubt be a step in the right direction in that respect. But where does he go in the long run? In the comics, as I recall, he began making bullets for the team to use. Is that in his future?

As Pete is revealed as an alcohol-abusing father, Carol tells Rick he'll eventually have to kill him. Not exactly a big step in the world of The Walking Dead. Still, considering how new Rick, Carol, and everyone else are to Alexandria, killing Pete would be a pretty big risk. That's especially true now that these seeds of mistrust have been planted in Deanna's mind. And the death of her son certainly won't improve matters. Rick seems to be on yet another collision course as we start to wind down our fifth season...

Written by: The Fanboy Wonder, Rob Siebert

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