Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Holiday Gift for the Women in your Life

It's the Holiday Season!

Do you know a woman who reads comic books? Yeah, we don't either. But that shouldn't discourage us. I present you a list of comic books that could win over the women in your life.

Do you know a woman who loves Lost and gets teary eyed when she thinks of Sun and Jin?

I have the comic book for them. It's called Morning Glories and its published by Shadowline. There are plenty of similarities between Lost and Morning Glories. In M.G., one student's parents are killed, students have attempted to assassinate their teacher and the spanish inquisition are involved. Each issue is full of intrigue and mystery.  Trust me, when I say this could be the best book on the market.

Is your lady a fan of Stephen King?

American Vampire Cover -1.jpg

For the Holidays, surprise her with "American Vampire". I know not every woman enjoys Twilight but I am certain that they might find this graphic novel interesting. The story focuses around an American species of vampires through several decades. By the way, the first story arc was co-written by Stephen King.

Is your lady obsessed with AMC's The Walking Dead ?

You should introduce her to the comic book. I've only read the first six graphic novels but I enjoyed it. There are plenty of similarities and differences between both mediums. The emotion in the TV show can be found in the book. When Carl shot ********, all the readers' jaws dropped.

Does she miss Disney's fairy tale movies?

I would like to introduce you to Fables by Bill Willingham. The concept is the characters from the fairy tales we grew up with, now live in our world. The story is based in a neighborhood called Fabletown. In our world, Snow White is now the Deputy Mayor of Fabletown, The Big Bad Wolf is the Sheriff of Fabletown and Prince Charming has been married and divorced three times. Each issue will leave you wanting more. Fables Vol 8: Wolves (one of my graphic novels of all time) ends the story's first era.


  1. My wife doesn't read comics much, but she LOVES Ross Campbell's chick-lit OGN series "Wet Moon"

    She also likes the "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibilities" adaptations Marvel put out.

  2. I read a ton and the only one on that list that I read is American Vampire but I know some ladies that have read the others. I would add the following titles to your list:

    Sandman (Vertigo) by Neil Gaiman - Great story with lots of different artists bringing the stories to life. If she likes mythology then she'll love it.

    Batgirl (DC) (previous series with Stephanie Brown) - Stephanie balances going to college, kicking butt, and hiding her cowl from her mom. A fun, humorous read.

    Scarlet (Icon) by Bendis and Maleev - It deals with a girl who liked a boy, saw boy get killed unjustly by a cop, and then takes the law in her own hands. Great artwork and a well written story.

    X-23 (Marvel) by Marjorie Liu - Liu is a romance novelist so your lady friend might have already read something written by her. With that said, this is not a romance book but it does deal with the struggles of Laura as she tries to find her self and if she is worthy of life and has a soul. She does inflict pain on a lot of people doing wrong to others along the way.

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Ozma of Oz, and the Marvelous Land of Oz (Marvel) by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young - This take on the lovable Oz characters is great and visually entertaining.

    Girl Comics (Marvel) by lots of great women creators - This miniseries showcases some of the best female creators at Marvel.

    Those are just a few but I highly recommend them not just for women but guys too.

  3. My "SO" has found Witchblade very enjoyable, so finding back issues and filling her collection has been something she has enjoyed verily.


    Steven Willis

  4. If you love your woman, you would buy her all the Deadpool trades ever, haha. I do agree with Fables, though, and for completed series I think Y:The Last Man was great. I feel like guys should know what their lady would like, though, you can't hand any girl Hush or Kick Ass but the right one would be super thankful you showed them to her (incase she missed them.

  5. Incidentally, the Morning Glories cover is really nice. I like a good unconventional cover every now and then.