Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Artist Deathmatch: Round Two (Vote for Four)

Alyssa Dalangin

Greg Kimmett

Sean Damien Hill 

Justice Goodner 

Steven 'Sash' Scott 

Peter Vazquez

Tommy Saltz



  1. Another really good round - this one will have to show the true 'grit' of the character to be compelling...
    Right now Alyssa Dalangin, Sash Scott, and Tommy Saltz all have good posing and structure... but this round is a tie between Alyssa Dalangin and Sash Scott.
    Sash has the detail but Alyssa shows the moxy.

  2. I agree about Sash ,BUT, the lack of proportion in Alyssa's is disconcerting.

  3. oh and Tommy's is my favorite