Thursday, May 24, 2012

Someone from DC is Coming Out of the Closet

Earlier this week, DC Comics announced that one of their "major male iconic characters" was joining the "other team". Of course, all the online boards exploded. Everyone thought they could predict who was going to be gay. A few guesses: Superman, Batman, Jimmy Olsen, Dick Grayson and finally Alfred Pennyworth. A few days ago on Twitter, Scott Snyder responded to the rumors that Batman was coming out of his Bat Cave/ Closet to declare that he was gay:

So....Lets start making a few guesses.

Shazam: Yes, we have seen Billy Batson but we have yet to see his alter-ego Shazam (Formerly known as Captain Marvel). I have a feeling he isn't a member of the Catholic Church.

Ra's Al Ghul: Rumors are that he is returning in this month's Batman: Incorporated. Maybe his daughter, Talia, was a drunken mistake. 

Wally West and Ralph Dibny: Two Words: Fanboy Outrage 

Vibe: My money is on this guy for two reasons. 1)According to Geoff Johns, he returns in Justice League's third story arc. 2) Look at his costume.

Ted Kord: His death remains one of the saddest comic book deaths EVER. He is a millionaire like Batman but not as cool. For example, he transports around in a large beetle. For years, the fanboys have been begging Dan Didio to return Ted to the land of the living. If he returns, will his bromance with Booster become more than that? 

Check out our new poll: "Who will be coming out of the DC closet?" 


  1. Being gay AND part of the Catholic Church don't exclude each other. Don't get that comment.

  2. haha, that comment has nothing to do with him being gay. He isn't a member of the Catholic Church because he is a God.

  3. Can we be candid? The honest reason we are voting Vibe is because we don't care about the character's limited history. Almost [but not quite] as good as just introducing a new character [like they did with Bunker].

    However, DC claims it is an ICONIC character [so that would rule out Vibe, you'd think] so I suspect there will be fanboy outrage. An iconic character like Wally West could very well be [but oh brother I hope not].

  4. I hope its not Alan Scott. A green flame gave him powers and his weakness is wood. Think of the jokes people would make.

  5. Green Arrow: Because SOMETHING has to make that book interesting.

    Cyborg: Because SOMETHING has to make that character interesting

    Robin: Maybe it'll explain how creepy it is for a 30+ year old man to "train" children in tights in a dark room under his mansion. Robin would be like the Marques Houston of comics.

    Hawkman: They would consider it a "f**k you" to the fans.

    Catwoman: They would consider it a "thank you" to the fans...all 12 of the boys in Mrs Thompson's 8th grade algebra class.

    Starfire: **see Catwoman**