Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Making of "Ms. Friday Night" by Work It Work It!

25 year old women from Long Island are going NUTS right now. Summit Drive has reunited....kinda...sort of. Former members, Mike Lombardo and Evan Loewenstein have teamed up with Graham Watson, Meagan Brauer and Tim Kubart of Tim and the Space Cadets (check out their LOST inspired video- 2nd Grade Show) to form Work It Work It.

Work It Work It's first single is titled, "Ms. Friday Night". The story behind the video are the five band members experiences at a party with "Ms. Friday Night". According to Mike, "Ms. Friday Night" is "a girl who does whatever she likes, she's very unpredictable and is just looking to have some fun". In the video, Evan spends his time at the party finding "Ms. Friday Night", but she winds up running off on him in the end. Mike's story is that he is overconfident when it comes to picking up girls, though never successful. Meagan is just there to party and have a good time. She spends the night Workin' It Workin' It in the exclusive bathroom party until she wears her self out and comes stumbling out in the end. Graham Watson starts off wandering through the party and comes across a delicious bowl of nachos. He winds up spending all of the party eating them. When the other party goers find out he's trying to finish the entire bowl, they cheer him on in his efforts. Tim's character is the complete opposite of Mike's. He is a ladies man and he's really good at it. As the party ends, all the band members find each other after their little adventures and come together to end the night. The End.

"Ms. Friday Night" took about 7 months to complete. They filmed the house party portion of the video in one 15 hour day. They emptied Mike's apartment of all it's furniture and everyone came over at about 8 in the morning (it was really hot in the apartment too, they filmed it in June--everyone was dying).  A few weeks later, the band rented out a studio in Astoria for 5 or 6 hours and had a camera guy tape them playing the song over and over again.  Very much like the first time, the studio was extremely hot.  Once again, they were dying due to New York City's record high heat. Evan and Mike edited the video over the next month and a half.  By the time they finished that, Mike's good friend from work Andy Milkis (check out his website here) offered to do all of the color correcting and color grading, which was a major success.  Mike would sit with him a few nights after work in the office and they'd play with the colors and mood and tones. Many moons in the making and it's finally done.  They had a small launch party at Mike and Evan's apartment and the video was uploaded the following night.

There you have it, the making of the next big hit!

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