Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shepherd turns 2

Have the stars aligned? On Saturday, our site hit 50,000 views and today is the two year anniversary of Shepherd. I don't think we could even tell you the conversation we had that started Shepherd. However, we do know that we can tell you everything that has happened since we started writing Shepherd.

Here are our numbers since Shepherd was born.

Likes on the Facebook Page: 153
Twitter Followers: 850
Views on our site: 50,007
Shepherd #1 Drafts: 5
Outlined issues for Shepherd: 23 issues aka Season 1.
Somewhat scripted issues for Shepherd: 5 issues.
The number of scenes that were written in the first draft and made the final draft: 2
The number of synopsis drafts we have worked on: 2
The number of characters we plan to kill by the end of  Shepherd #6: 5
The number of promos done by Kelly Williams: 3

The title options we had before the fans decided on Shepherd:

The Extraordinaries
The Extras
The Extra-Ordinaries
Tomorrow Never Knows
Heroes and Zeroes
Comic Time with Phil and Brian!!
Generation Y
Echo Boomers 
The Millennials

If you didn't know already, Kelly Williams is the letterer and artist for the Shepherd promos. If you're interested in buying original art from him, email him at

Here are his prices:

$35 for black and white (inked) and $40-$50 for full color (washes or digital)

$50 for covers (price negotiable depending on color choices)

$30-$40 for pin-ups (Black and white or color respectively.)

What are your plans for Wednesday, February 27th? Come join us at Tor Comics in Holtsville, Long Island and talk comics with us.

Here are a number of pictures of those that have received a Shepherd package. If you want one (they are free), let us know via Twitter or email us at

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