Friday, March 29, 2013

Podcast Via Skye: Pop Culture Talk Episode 5

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00:30- We begin our discussion on comic books that we have read in the last two weeks.

     00:34- Did Vision betray the Avengers in Age of Ultron #3?
     02:59- Brian explains why you need to read Five Ghosts #1.
     05:42- If you're not reading Saga than you're being silly.
     09:00- Why was Batman #9 > Batman #8?

12:02- Two Marvel characters that we want to see in the second "Marvel Now" wave.

16:42-What was Marvel's one major mistake during "Marvel Now"?

17:21-Did you see the trailer for "The Wolverine"? We discuss it here.

21:31-Our predictions for The Walking Dead season finale.

27:00-Robert Redford + GSP = news on Captain America: Winter Solider.

30:58.-Why does Brian have a problem with former WWE wrestlers/UFC fighters being actors?

33:37- R.I.P Don Payne.

34:37- Is Joss Whedon happy or upset about the ending of Iron-Man 3?

39: 26- Godzilla movie news.

42:29: Director of the week: David Fincher

     42: 59- Seven
     47:12- The sequel to Seven??? What? Yeah, it is sort of true....kind of.
     48: 19- The Game reminds Phil of  "A Christmas Carol".
     50:48 Phil might be overreaching but he believes that Tyler Durden did not die.
     54:57-Brian thinks Panic Room is David Fincher's most underrated movie.
     56:40- Who was the Zodiac Killer?
     57:37-Even though Benjamin Button was a dry movie it reminded us of Forrest Gump.
     59:35-What is David Fincher's next movie?
     62:04- Phil was bored by the Social Network.
    66: 20-If you can't remember all the twists and turns in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, we explain them all.
    69:38- Phil and Brian are Team Russo in House of Cards.

77:24- Our "Must Buys" for next week's comic books.

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