Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Reverse Flash is..........

This weekend, Scott Lobdell shared a little secret with fanboys at WonderCon. According to Scott, the characters do not have plans to form the next Justice League nor does that mean they will be superheroes when they become adults. He even hinted that certain members from Teen Titans might turn out to be super-villains.

Who from the Teen Titans roster could become a super-villain? 

Possible Villain Turns: 

Superboy: He has Lex Luthor's DNA in his genetic code but his villain turn has already been done in the last decade. 

Wonder Girl: In the first fifteen issues of Teen Titans, Scott Lobdell did an entire story arc focusing on Wonder Girl's inability to control her superpowers. 

Red Robin: He has Nightwing's leadership skills but has Batman's personality. Red Robin is the type of hero that is willing to sacrifice himself and his friendships for the greater good. 

These three characters standout as Teen Titans' Trinity. Because DC has already done arcs exploring these characters' dark side, the readers should expect the unexpected when it comes to a hero joining the dark side. 

Anyways, Scott Lobdell also announced that Kid Flash, Bart Allen will be shot back into the future. For those who have not been reading the book, one of the big secrets within the Teen Titans is Bart Allen's origin. Prior to the New 52, Bart Allen is from the future and the grandson of DC's Flash, Barry Allen. So far, Kid Flash and the Flash have yet to meet. Also, it seems Kid Flash has amnesia and throughout the series there have been hints that he's from the 30th century. Starting in Flash #19, Barry Allen is attacked by the Reverse Flash. According to DC, the Reverse Flash is hunting and killing everyone that is connected with the speed force. By #21, Flash and Kid Flash are united for the first time ever. 

For the past few months, people have been making their guesses about who the Reverse Flash is. Actually there's only one guess: Wally West. However, I think everyone might be wrong. Before you start making another guess, go back and reread the beginning of the blog and start connecting the dots.

Which Teen Titan will turn heel? 
Who is the Reverse Flash? 
Why did Kid Flash lose his memory? 

Phil's Reverse Flash Theory: I believe that when Kid Flash grows up he will become the Reverse Flash. Someone from the 30th century realized that Kid Flash would grow up to be bad, erased his memory and placed him in the 21st century. However, the past does tend to repeat itself. Bart Allen still became Kid Flash and joined the Teen Titans. Because Kid Flash's existence and heel turn still occurred,  the future yanks him back in hoping to eliminate the birth of the Reverse Flash. 

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