Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Image Comics' Saga #14: Review

Saga is good. It's damn good. Screw that. It's fantastic, amazing, emotional, heartbreaking, and in my opinion the best book out there right now. The dynamic creative team of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples continue to work in harmonious motion, balancing killer plot and magnificent art that needs to be seen to be believed. For the past few issues, Saga has been flashing back from one moment, filling in the gaps that lies in between. This moment being the arrival of Prince Robot IV to the lighthouse in which our protagonists are hiding. The infamous last page of chapter twelve is where Robot IV is shown talking to Dr. Heist while Alana, Marko, and co. are huddled under the stairs trying not to make a sound. By the end of this issue, we reach a point at which we are finally caught up, or at least damn close to that cliffhanger from weeks past. Fans of The Will can sort of breathe a sigh of relief as Gwendolyn stops Sophie from killing him. In an extremely sad turn of event, Lying Cat attacks Sophie because she is killing The Will. Although, Gwendolyn stops the feline from hurting Sophie, it hurts to see the relationship between Sophie and Lying Cat be possibly undone in a matter of seconds. Even though The Will is not killed, he is left in critical condition, and the only person that can save him is Marko.This issue seems to be the issue before the long awaited intersection of all the plot lines present in Saga. Needless to say, next month promises to be action packed. Speaking of action, Fiona Staples can sure draw some good action.  Staples's art continues to be amazing and I've had not seen a dip since this series began.She has such a clear, succinct, and unique style that perfectly complements the world of Saga. Her biggest skill though is being able to make emotions so clear and obvious. From aliens to humans to cats it's simply breathtaking. This creative team is something special and the series certainly owes much of its consistency to the fact that the creators are able and willing to take time off in order to keep Saga running at its full potential. Sure as a fan it can be a bit disappointing that we had to wait a few months in between issues, but keeping Vaughn and Staples together is certainly worth it. Saga is amazing and Chapter twelve is no different. It effectively sets up all of the story threads for collision and continues to be an engrossing read. Definitely a must buy.

Score 9.5/10  

Written by Alexander Handziuk

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