Wednesday, December 11, 2013

T.I.N Soldier's Review of Arrow-Season 2, Episode 8: The Scientist

Ever since Arrow started, just over a year ago, there has been a noticeable lack of superpowers. Instead it has taken a very grounded and real approach. It seemed as if the world of Arrow would be forever powerless. Enter Barry Allen. The announcement that he would appear in Arrow was welcome news to me. As a DC comics fanboy, I was over the moon at the inclusion of superpowers courtesy of my favorite comic character of all time. Going into the episode, I was cautiously optimistic as I wasn't exactly thrilled with their choice of Barry Allen. Thankfully it exceeded my expectations by a long-shot.

When Grant Gustin's Barry Allen appears on screen for the first time, talking fast and showing up late to the crime scene, it immediately became clear that the Arrow team made a great decision in their Flash casting. Gustin's mannerism is so spot on and is very similar to it's comic book inspiration. The episode is all about a series of strange robberies. Barry Allen is called in from Central City to investigate these robberies because of parallels with a case in his hometown. The buildings broken into are all owned by Queen industries and as a result Barry works hand in hand with Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle to figure out the case. As a result, he gets close to Felicity and they really hit it off. I can honestly say that they have the potential to become a really awesome couple. Also, there is an amazing scene in which Barry is moving chemicals, he remarks that they could be dangerous if they spilled and then is a lightning flash. It was a moment of will he transform now, but I'm glad he didn't at that point because sets it up to be even better opportunity when it happens. Meanwhile, Oliver throws a party for his mom in in order to try to improve her image. It turns out to be a big failure as only a handful of people show up. However, the big moment involving Moira happens after the party and involves her sticking it to Malcolm Merlin. She gets rid of him for the foreseeable future and she does it like a bad-ass. As always the island scenes are solid. Oliver and his group of three find the sub and the secret weapon drug that is hidden in it. But by the time they get in, Slade is on the verge of death, so they are forced to give him the drug in hopes of saving his life. It doesn't go well and the flashback ends with Ivo and his soldiers entering the sub. Back in the present, it is revealed that Barry isn't what he says he is. He is in fact an intern and not a police scientist. After being confronted he reveals he is searching for his mother's killer, even though his father has already been convicted. He described it as a blur entered his house, and in it he saw a person. That person killed his mother not his father. So as a result he keeps an eye out for strange cases in hopes that he can find the man that murdered his mother and save his dad. This origin, like his mannerism is straight from the comics and is done to perfection. A big part of the reason is the fact that this episode is co-written by the man that brought Barry Allen back from the dead, Geoff Johns.

The comic book connection in this episode is the strongest it has been this far in the series and the great thing is that it sets up an assortment of other possibilities. But this show is about Oliver too and as such he confronts the guy who made all the break ins and losses. He is found by Felicity and Diggle, close to death, they can't save him, and they need Barry's help. Barry was all set to go back to Central City but in typical Barry Allen fashion he missed his train and is intercepted by Felicity and Diggle. Oliver's identity is revealed to Barry, and the episode ends with him being asked to save Oliver. This episode was truly something special and is easily one of the best episodes of the series to date. If you are not watching Arrow I urge you to start, you won't regret it. It's a Flash fact after all.

Score 9.7/10


Grant Gustin is a perfect fit for The Flash

The way in which Moira deals with Merlin

The interaction between Barry and Felicity

The faithfulness to the Flash Character

Island scenes still amazing

Written by Alexander Handziuk

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