Monday, August 4, 2014


“The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies”

Yes the conclusion to “the Hobbit” trilogy is coming to a close and most of us couldn't be happier.  I questioned the making of this trilogy as the story is just much more child friendly than the gritty “Lord of the Rings.”  Perhaps Mr. Jackson will pull one out of his sleeve to redeem a somewhat ho-hum project.

“The Simpson’s/Family Guy Crossover”

Yes indeed, it has finally happened.  Despite the fact that hardcore Simpson’s fans tend to view Family Guy as a knockoff (excluding myself cuz come on, how can you make a cartoon that doesn't in some way rip off our friends from Springfield).  Based on the teaser scenes it looks great, love the Duff/Pawtucket Patriot gag!!

“Mad Max: Fury Road”

The colon titles continue!  This has the potential to be fantastic!!  With George Miller (the man behind the original Max stories) in charge you just know it will have that same dark feel to it.  Tom Hardy gives us a great replacement for Mel Gibson in the title role in a film that will be released 30 years since the last installment.


Well it is Nolan so it’s got to be awesome, right?  Yes, most likely.  With the release of the new trailer, the buzz will begin to increase for this highly anticipated project from one of the great minds in film today.  Will shooting for the stars work as well for Nolan as it did for Kubrick with 2001? We will find out sometime this fall.

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