Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why You Should Give Season 4 of Arrested Development Another Chance?

With the news of a 5th Season of Arrested Development on the way for Netflix, it begs the question, what went wrong with the long awaited season 4???  In reality, nothing!  The main problem with Season 4 is that most people watched it once and that was it.  What made Arrested so great was the fact that all 3 original seasons were watched over and over and over and over again by hardcore fans.  As someone who can recite most of the series verbatim I still notice little inside jokes that I missed during my first 100 viewings.  My point is that with all the anticipation (and yes the unique storytelling to cover the missing years for each character) most people were disappointed that it wasn’t fall out of your seats funny the first time.  If you haven’t watched it at least twice you are doing yourself a disservice.  View it again and the all over the map story will fall closer into place and you will appreciate the little moments between characters when you know the full context of what they are dealing with….just like Seasons 1-3.  For example, the very first episode of Season 4 features Gob and Michael in the model home as Gob is frantically trying to explain that he also had sex like Michael (Michael believing he had slept with Lucille 2).  Gob then forces a “forget me now” down Michael’s throat as Michael sees just whom Gob has been sleeping with.  SPOLIER ALERT: When you finish the season you realize that it was in fact Tony Wonder, Gob’s rival and out of the closet magician.  When seeing this for a second viewing and knowing the end result of the plot it makes the scene hilarious.  The season is littered with little moments like this, and I believe that with the scheduling issues regarding all of the other projects the cast is involved in, this is the best that the writers could do to create the inside jokes that only loyal and borderline obsessive fans get. I for one am greatly anticipating another chapter with my favorite dysfunctional family, the Bluths. 

Written By: TJ Kiss 

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