Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apocalypse Now: Days of Future Past

Earlier today, my brother asked me if Fox was planning to use another big baddie for the next X-Men movie. I figured DOFP was about past, present, and future mutants battling it out, and Magneto being used AGAIN. While re-watching the trailer, I noticed something. Something a little odd, and possibly familiar. In the trailer, Wolverine, Bishop, Warpath, Xavier, and the rest of the team are together on a mountaintop. For all I know, Xavier's present day team and Bishop's team are in the same location, but different timelines. Surrounding them is a structure and we at the Illumi-Nerdi do not own high tech technology, so I am unable to actually look at any close ups. However, the architecture definitely looks familiar. It looks like a temple in the mountains, and I believe it's the HQ for X-Men's biggest baddie, Apocalypse. If you watch the video above, it is shown that Apocalypse rises from his grave in a temple.

A lot of fans have predicted that the reason Wolverine is being sent back into the past is to stop the creation of the Sentinels, which possibly leads to mutants being put into labor camps after Xavier's death, and etc. I have a different theory. My theory is pretty much pure guess, but certain stills from the trailer do add to its legitimacy.

Let's start with the scene leading into DOFP. In the after-credit scene of The Wolverine, Magneto confronts Wolverine and informs him that, "There are dark forces, Wolverine. Evil forces, building a weapon that could bring about the end of our kind. What I want...I want your help." It would be too easy if it was the Sentinels. No, it is Apocalypse. If you notice, the X-Men and Bishop's team (maybe X-Force) are in a temple like structure. In one scene, Magneto, Xavier, and Wolverine are standing in front of a coffin. Yep, we are all thinking the same thing. The coffin belongs to Apocalypse. Take a look at the pictures and check out the temple’s architecture. It should remind long-time X-Men fans of Apocalypse's temple from the 90's X-Men cartoon and 2000's X-Men: Evolution. Let us know what you think.


Temple coffin 

Entrance to Temple 


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  1. I think you are right here. It looks like they are in Apocalypse's temple. My guess would be this:

    In the future Apocalypse figures out how to time travel in order to accomplish his objective of total world domination. While in the past, posing as someone else he initiates or funds the sentinel project which starts killing mutants. One of the mutants killed right away is Jean Grey. This explains why Xavier is alive in the future. As the past shifts, so does the present and future. Now Magneto and Xavier have found a way to transport Wolverine back to try and stop everything. But, in order to put everything back the way it was it would mean Xavier would cease to exist and probably a lot of other things which is a problem for wolverine. Also, you might be right about the trailer fooling us into thinking we are only looking at the present and the past. The distant future is a probably also being shown somewhere. Can't wait to see the movie.