Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NYCC'13 Part 2: PULP- Written by Jeremy Holt and Art by Chris Peterson

Once again, Jeremy Holt delivers a hit, but this time teaming up with the artist of Dark Horse's Grindhouse: Doors Open at Mightnight #1, Chris Peterson. PULP tells a story about a writer chasing his dream of publishing a piece of literature. However, this isn't a heart felt tale about the ups and downs of achieving your dream. No, it is just more than that. PULP follows a creator's delusional dream and his bloody path to isolation. Holt and Peterson deliver a Memento-esque story that merges horror and noir. 

While you're reading this one shot, please turn off your iPod and Netflix. Now don't be scared. PULP needs every second of your attention. Holt pulled off something that usually can be very different and sometimes very difficult to read. He writes two separate stories; one about isolation and the second focusing on delusion. As soon as the two separate stories overlap, the audience is introduced to one of the wildest twists that has been read in comics in a long time. Luckily enough, Holt's placement of the two stories uniquely presents the horrifying twist, but you need to read it twice to fully appreciate it. 

Unlike Holt's other books, is it less written word and more visually appealing. For this book, it had to be done that way. Both stories are artistically done completely differently, and Peterson does a tremendous job of channeling Jeff Lemire. His color clashing of black, blue, and white add a second element to the overall story. His art brings out the old school animation look, but with a different spin; horror. 

If you're coming to NYCC, Jeremy and Chris will be signing copies of PULP at Brooklyn Comics and More today from 5pm-7pm. Let them know that the Illumi-Nerdi sent you.

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