Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NYCC'13: Cosplay

Did you hear the big news? According to Cinema Blend, NYCC is so poplular and overcrowded, it might be bigger than SDCC. Over 4 days, over 130,000 nerds were crowded into one building. Maybe it was just me, but most of them were either cosplaying or under the age of 21. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of cosplay because they take up sooooo much space, I do respect their creativity, and passion for the characters they represent. Costumes ranged from Sharknado, X-Men's Bishop, Dre Vader, Inspector Gadget and many more. 

Inspector Gadget 

Dre Vader

I don't know even know....

Why so smiley?????

Iceman and Rogue look so sad.


Ben and Matt as Batman and Robin

Prince Robot IV

Yorick Brown 

Ernie Hudson as himself

Sheamus as himself

Sharknado #2

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