Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Previously on The Walking Dead…Episode 506: Consumed

In Sunday's episode, we see what happened to Carol after Rick turned her away. She’s still one tough cookie, but she finally started showing some feeling. Watching her go out alone and then back to the prison only to find it in flames was heart-wrenching. Poor Carol! Burning and flames are recurring themes for her. But as Daryl said, “We ain’t ashes.” While I can’t say that Rick was wrong for what he did, I was glad to see Carol come back and to see them welcome her into the fold a couple of shows back. However, as we all know, any happiness or peace in The Walking Dead world is surely temporary, and she and Daryl almost immediately ended up leaving the group to follow a lead on Beth.

This week was a very much-needed Carol/Daryl centric episode. They are television’s best “will they or won’t they” couple to come along in years. Who knew braining some zombies and burning their dead bodies could be so romantic and endearing? Not to mention falling off a bridge…in a van! Both are continuing to work at overcoming their past actions and history of abuse.

Carol and Daryl come across a creepy indoor campsite overrun with walkers in sleeping bags and tents. Noah shows up, robs them of their weapons, and then leaves them for dead, though he’s pretty sure they can survive. What goes around comes around and they end up saving Noah and getting their stuff back. The show ended on another cliffhanger. If anyone doubts Daryl loves Carol, just go back and re-watch the scene where she is hit by a car and taken by the people from the hospital! I’d hate to be them when he catches up.

Every episode seems to get impossibly darker and bleaker while still making us believe that love can happen even in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. This was another great one and the soundtrack was perfection, especially Bad Blood by Alison Mosshair and Eric Arjes.

The Talking Dead had on Tyler James Williams, who portrays Noah, recent escapee of the hospital. Naturally, they begin the talk by getting insight from Tyler on his character. While I appreciate Noah eventually seeing the error of his ways…maybe…I tend to agree with CM Punk that I don’t entirely trust him. How can I when he stole THE crossbow and unzipped a tent full of zombies to attack Carol and Daryl? Noah seems to be an opportunist. He goes along with whatever he thinks will benefit him and swaps sides easily. Considering the circumstances, you can’t always blame someone for looking out for themselves, but I can if it involves my people. Time will tell if he will prove us wrong. I hope he does.

Some of the discussion centered on how Carol and Daryl are working to become more of the people that they want to be and not what their pasts have made them. Yvette gave us a run down on the fire symbolism that we saw throughout the episode. We also found out that Yvette is OCD when it comes to minute details, CM Punk doesn't trust anyone that is not from Team Rick, and I think it was unanimous that The Walking Dead should come on 52 weeks a year.

Surprisingly, the audience poll was on the fence as to whether or not we should have seen some making out between Carol and Daryl. Speaking of hooking up, they also talked about a possible connection between Beth and Noah, and…oh heck yeah…Rick and Michonne. Time will tell.

The sneak peek for next week's show is a confrontation between Beth and Dawn at the end of which Dawn tells one of the officers to take the woman in Room 2 off the machines, “she’s not worth the effort.” And then to Beth she says, “you just killed that woman.” Is the woman in Room 2 Carol? If it is her, will Daryl and Noah get there in time and/or is Carol strong enough to make it? Will we get an update on Rick and company or will we have to wait yet another week? In the words of Yvette, "if they mess with Carol, we riot." Stay tuned.

Written By: @HGirl75 (aka Jen S.)


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