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The Walking Dead-Episode 505: Self Help

Episode 505:  Self Help
Warning: If you have not seen episode 505, this review does contain some spoilers. gives the following description for Self Help:  "While on a mission, the group is confronted by new problems that test their ability to survive.”
This description is vague at best.  I can't name an episode where our poor group of survivors weren't on some kind of mission whether it be a food scouting trip, or something more, and every second of every day tests their ability to survive.  I guess, they don't want to give too much away.
While the fifth season of the episode has the typical Walking Dead m.o. of giving us answers, and then bringing up double the amount of new questions, this one is a little different.  Self Help centers a bit more on character development and takes a deeper than usual look at what people are willing to do to and have had to do in order to survive in this harsh new world.  Is one person's animalistic actions in defense of themselves and their families any worse than another's?
We finally find out the back story for Abraham and how he came to be Eugene's guardian.  There are some tender scenes among lovers and friends as well as a little comic relief by way of the mullet-Eugene and his voyeuristic intentions.  We also get to see a nice little scene with a fire hose that is equal parts gross and campy.
Since his introduction, Abraham has been somewhat of a comic book soldier archetype.  After his back story, we come to realize that while he is a brute with anger management issues, he is also a loving father and husband who has lost everything.  He is no less of a rich, multi-dimensional character than our other favorite survivors. In turn, Eugene goes from the likable geeky savior to a pitiful, creepy liar.  Even if his deception is no worse than other atrocities committed since the outbreak of walkers, his confession serves to crush all of our spirits, and somehow makes it seem worse.
Next week’s sneak peek hints at a reveal as to how Carol got in the hospital.  From the quick clip, we can see that Carol’s attitude has not changed since her exile.  She dispassionately suggests that Daryl simply run the car they are following off the road and end it quickly.  I for one hope that Carol can get past her self-preserving apathy and find herself again.  I am also anxious to find out more about Father Gabriel and those running the hospital.  And what will Maggie, Glenn and company do about their sidelined trip to Washington?

Written By: @HGirl75 (aka Jen)

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