Sunday, November 30, 2014

Previously on The Walking Dead…Episode 507:Crossed

This episode was all about lining things up for next week’s mid-season finale.  We see that Noah was the one coming out of the woods with Daryl, as they reunite with Rick and company to form a plan to rescue Beth and Carol.  Rick is all for going in with guns blazing, but Tyreese suggests an alternate plan in an attempt to keep from having to kill more people.  Daryl supports Tyreese’s plan and Rick reluctantly gives in.

Maggie and Glenn are off trying to deal with Eugene and Abraham with the help of Rosita who wants to contribute to the group.  Eugene stays unconscious for most of the episode and Abraham refuses to be consoled.  Rosita shows her usefulness by helping to make a filter for safe drinking water and catch fish in a nearby river.

Before leaving for the hospital, the group begins busting up pews and looking for anything and everything to board up the building to make it as safe as possible against the Walkers.  Father Gabriel continues to struggle with his guilt, the church being torn up, and the massacre that took place inside the church with Gareth’s group.  Carl offers him a weapon to protect himself and he chooses a machete.  Gabriel uses the machete to take up the floorboards and leave the church without alerting the others.  He walks off into the woods by himself and is unable to kill an attacking Walker when he sees that he has a cross necklace.  He pushes the Walker off of him and continues heading away from the church.  Tyreese tries to comfort Sasha and get her to open up about Bob, which she declines.  She feels guilt for not having killed Bob herself.
Beth and Dawn have their confrontation and Dawn orders Officer O’Donnell to take the woman in Room 2 off the machines, “she’s not worth the effort.” After O’Donnell leaves Dawn gives Beth the key to the medicine cabinet. Dawn defends her actions by saying that Beth undermined her authority in front of one of her subordinates and she needed to assert her control.  Beth seeks advice from Dr. Edwards and injects Carol, who is indeed the woman in Room 2, with a dose of Epinephrine in an effort to revive her.
Tyreese’s plan to take hostages from the hospital and trade them for Beth and Carol does not go as planned.  The hostages seem eager to help take down Dawn and agree to cooperate.  However, one of the hostages tricks Sasha into letting her guard down long enough to knock her unconscious and make his getaway.
Our heroes have a gruesome fight with some Walkers lying out in the street.  At first glance it appears that they are all dead and melted, apparently due to a napalm raid conducted shortly after the outbreak.  Of course, as the humans start to walk by the dead they start to perk up.  Daryl’s matchup is particularly gory as he is forced to rip the head off one of the Walkers and use it as a weapon.
The Talking Dead panel consisted of comedian Paul F. Tompkins and Walking Dead actors Christian Serratos (Rosita) and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha).  Serratos and Martin-Green both discuss their characters’ backgrounds and give a little insight into their actions.  It is host Chris Hardwick’s birthday and he has a birthday cake decorated with Bob’s roasting foot done in fondant.  He apologizes to Sonequa for trying to serve Bob’s “foot” to her.  The audience poll shows that 78% of viewers do no trust those at the hospital and feel that Rick was justified in his original plan to go in and slay them all.

Next week’s episode is entitled “Coda.”  I suspect we will be seeing the end of not only the first half of the season, but one of our characters.  Norman Reedus has hinted at some highly emotional scenes that he filmed for this episode, so I’m scared for Carol and/or Beth.  I can’t wait to find out what happens with Father Gabriel as I have a feeling there is still more to him than he has revealed.  I’m sure they will leave us with a major cliff-hanger, keeping us on the edge of our seats until February.

Written By: @HGirl75 (aka Jen S.)

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