Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bell to Bell: Happy Accidents

Happy accidents? What kind of title is that, you ask? Take a look at these first two topics, and you’ll get it.

WWE changes gears, sending Daniel Bryan to Fast Lane to face Roman Reigns to decide who will challenge for the title at Wrestlemania. It’s interesting that WWE used the Rock thing as the excuse to divert Roman Reigns from the Wrestlemania main event. Could his involvement at the Rumble have doubled as an endorsement/excuse to pull the plug if need be? I highly doubt they planned it that way. But it certainly worked out well in that respect.

Putting Bryan in what will presumably be the main event of Fast Lane is a great move by WWE, and it re-opens the door for Bryan to main event Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar. But then again, WWE could simply be using this as a way to have Reigns beat Bryan, as a way to “earn the fans’ respect.” Then they can also say: “Now Reigns is, without a shadow of a doubt, the number one contender!” You think that’s out of the question? They had Reigns win the Rumble, didn’t they?

Still, we can’t deny this is a big ray of hope for Wrestlemania.

Incidentally, awesome match between Bryan and Seth Rollins. It was dynamic, it was quick, it was explosive, the stakes were high, and the crowd finally seemed to wake up. I’ve never seen Roman Reigns have a match like that on his own…

An error with the big Russian flag unintentionally plays into the Rusev/John Cena feud. There’s no way WWE intended for the Russian flag to get bunched up like that. Still, I credit Rusev, Lana, and the announcers for playing it up like a prank by John Cena.

After defeating Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt cuts another cryptic promo. It’s pretty obvious that Bray was talking to The Undertaker. The verbage itself was pretty damn cool. “I am the new face of fear…I know you can hear me…Come find me.” Chilling stuff. I just wish ‘Taker could get another shot at Brock to redeem that loss from Wrestlemania XXX. Frankly, I want to see that more than I want an Undertaker/Bray Wyatt match. 

The Miz fires Damien Sandow, makes him his “personal assistant,” prohibits Sandow from mimicking him. This is a nice move. By limiting Sandow’s mimicks, it becomes a bigger deal when he does them. Tonight clearly illustrated that. And to his credit, The Miz is playing his heel role expertly.  

Tensions arise between Goldust and Stardust after a second loss to The Ascension. I like this. I like it a lot. We seem to FINALLY be moving toward a Rhodes brothers feud. It sure as hell took them long enough. But if they’re heading to Wrestlemania with this, let’s hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. They might actually be better off saving this one for late Spring.

In a backstage segment, Erick Rowan thanks John Cena for standing up for him. This segment was surprising. It added some interesting depth to the Erick Rowan character, and built up some nice sympathy for his subsequent loss to Rusev.

Written by: The Fanboy Wonder, Rob Siebert

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