Monday, February 16, 2015

The Walking Dead S5E10– Rain of Terror

By The Walking Dead standards, this week’s show was pretty quiet. There was a lot of walking, talking, thinking, brooding, sweating, etc. At the risk of offending the die-hards, at times I actually found myself bored. Thankfully, things picked up in the last 15 minutes or so, and we closed things with the debut of a new character…

Aaron makes his television debut. In the Walking Dead comic book series, Aaron is the character that finds Rick’s group and brings them to Alexandria, a safe-zone just outside Washington D.C. I’d say it’s a safe bet that’s the general direction this is going. I mean sheesh, we’ve got to get these folks out of the wilderness. I don’t think Rick can afford to lose anymore weight. I’d wager his beard now weighs more than he does…

While resting in a barn, the group fends off a hoard of zombies by holding the doors shut. This was a great sequence. You had the life-threatening danger of the zombies pushing their way in, combined with the storn, which added a great horror vibe to the whole thing. Then afterward, the zombies being caught in the fallen trees made for an awesome visual. This whole sequence saved what would have otherwise been a rather stale episode.

Rick rallies the group with a “This is how we survive” speech. That “We are the walking dead” line is plucked straight from the comics, so it was cool to hear Andrew Lincoln say it.

As scary as the whole “homeless” situation is for the entire group, it’s got to weigh on Rick the most. Not only is he stranded, starving, and surrounded by zombies, but his son and infant daughter are right beside him. He can see and hear their suffering as well as his own.

And speaking of Carl and Judith…

Carl lays Judith down on the ground to help the others hold off the oncoming hoard during the storm. CARL!!!! What the hell, bro? You do not leave the baby alone when there are zombies pushing their way in! And you certainly don’t lay her on the ground where anything could fall and injure her! Dude, you’re the smallest person in the group. How much strength and support can you possibly lend to the group that’s worth leaving that kid alone? Hand over your hat and badge, Carl. You’re suspended.

Father Gabriel offers to talk to Maggie about her losses. Everything Father Gabriel says is creepy. And to her credit, Maggie had exactly the right response: “You let your entire congregation to be devoured by the undead. Please leave me be.”

To get rid of the pack of zombies following them, Rick and the group devise a “push them into the ravine” plan. I get that Rick and his crew were pretty short on options at this point, and I understand them not wanting to provoke the zombies. But I, at all costs, would have avoided touching the undead with my bare hands. The number of good things that can come from it are virtually zero. All Rick, or Michonne, or any of these guys had to do was stumble, and they’re pretty much dead. Put me back there with Carl and the baby. Hell, I’ll probably do a better job of watching the kid than he will.

A pack of wild dogs nearly attacks the group before Sasha intervenes. It’s kind of convenient that a pack of vicious, wild dogs suddenly appeared to attack the group. Are there a lot of packs of vicious dogs wandering around this post-apocalyptic world? If the humans are having so much trouble finding food, what the hell co the DOGS eat? People, I guess. Pfft. Man’s best friend…

Written by: The Fanboy Wonder, Rob Siebert

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